Introducing Avery Peters!

Hello, I’m Avery Peters. I have been volunteering with Not Far From the Tree for 3 years now. I began as a gleaner, last year I was a supreme gleaner and now I’m volunteering as a Communications Intern along with Visha. I first discovered Not Far From The Tree through my research when I moved […] READ MORE

Taking A Bite Into History: Peach Cobbler Recipe

With January over and the chaos around New Year’s resolutions and unpaid credit cards bills coming to an end, we are finally getting back into the groove of life after the holidays. We are now able to relax for a bit READ MORE

Sharing our fruit: An interview with Carol from Sistering

Not Far From The Tree picks a lot of fruit every year. You may be wondering where it all goes. The fruit is divided in thirds: 1/3 to homeowners; 1/3 to volunteers; and 1/3 to food banks, shelters and READ MORE

Get to know our Picking Coordinator, Marc

You may have wondered how so many picks get organized to harvest the abundance of fruit in Toronto. Well, Marc is Not Far From the Tree’s extraordinary Picking Coordinator! Marc  joined Not Far From the Tree in 2009 READ MORE

Volunteer Spotlight: Leah Bobet!

As part of my series of interviews of people involved with Not Far From The Tree, I had the opportunity to interview one of the many amazing volunteers who helps keep things running smoothly. Leah Bobet has done a few fruit picks, but much of her volunteer work has been administrative. It was so much […] READ MORE

Chance of thundershowers

[Editor’s Note: This blog post comes to us courtesy of Supreme Gleaner Avery. Check out her full blog here.] “Picking while it rains is generally ok – though you have to be more careful when the ladder is wet or the tree limbs are wet. If you can hear thunder close by or see lightning […] READ MORE